Featured Nutrition & Health Impacts

  • SUMMARY: Fighting Obesity at Every Age

    Obesity adversely affects human health at all stages of life. Today, young people have a shortened life...

  • SUMMARY: Healthy Families

    Educational programs for parents are helping families eat better and be more active, which can...

  • Story: Goats

    Changing animal diets could reduce saturated fats in meat and milk Altering animal diets may be an...

  • Story: MyCD

    Adults manage chronic disease with MyCD In New Mexico, patients suffering from chronic conditions...

  • Story: Vaccines

    Aluminum key to foiling disease Aluminum is widely used in vaccines to increase their...

  • Story: Mosquitoes

    Research solves cipher of mosquito eggs Researchers have figured out how to tell which eggs belong...

  • Story: Oysters

    Good (and safe) news for oyster lovers Food scientists in Oregon are developing new ways to ensure safe...

Nutrition & Health

Providing for your family's health through nutrition, genomics, physical activity, wellness, and management of chronic disease.

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