Land-Grant Universities provide a practical college education in agriculture and engineering.

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Experiment Stations conduct practical research based on real-world problems in order to improve lives.

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Cooperative Extension connects people across the nation with the latest research from Land-Grant Universities.

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Areas of Impact

Food Security

Ensuring everyone's family has enough to eat, and that their food is safe, affordable, nutritious, and readily available.

Nutrition & Health

Providing for your family's health through nutrition, genomics, physical activity, wellness, and management of chronic disease.

Youth, Family, & Communities

Creating engaged citizens for our future with economic and community development, leadership, and youth development programs.


Environmental Stewardship

Creating a sustainable future for our natural environment through stewardship of the ecosystem, energy conservation, and water management.

Agricultural Systems

Ensuring profitability, productivity, and sustainability for food and fiber production systems, using innovative and time-tested methods.

Energy & Bioproducts

Leading the way in energy technologies such as bioproducts, biofuels, biomass, and other energy technologies and techniques.