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STORY: Wisconsin dairies get more milk

The $43 billion dairy industry is key for Wisconsin’s economy and communities. But as the state’s dairy operations age, the lack of modern equipment threatens the industry’s viability. Teams of Extension specialists in the state have worked with dairy producers representing several hundred farms in more than 40 Wisconsin counties to help them become more efficient and productive.

The team evaluates milking, feeding and care facilities on the farm. Then they work with the farmers, contractors, lenders and veterinarians to design and build modern and affordable solutions to overcome inefficient operations.

In just one study of 99 farms, modernization efforts resulted in:
  • Nearly 12,000 more cows and the resulting increased milk production
  • Per-cow increases in milk productivity
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improvements in cow comfort
  • Improved employee ergonomic conditions
  • Increased milk sales of about $400,000 per farm

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